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Arcana Legends

Arcana Legends is a card game made by us as a reflection of what we've always wanted in card games: skill-intensive games that don't rely on super-expensive cards and overwhelming luck. Using our unique Inventory System, players search their decks for the cards they need instead of relying on the heavily luck-based draw system of other card games. In our effort to ensure this game is inexpensive and accessible we will be doing direct purchase of product. So, any card in our game will be purchasable from our website along with starter decks and even full playsets of entire expansions both in common and foil varieties. These factors combined with some of our other mechanics and set in the immersive world of Arcana will truly bring a new experience to card game players everywhere, both casual and competitive. The funds we're trying to raise will be channeled into our three major goals: Creating our first set, setting up our market and forwarding our organized play goals.


Corey Hutchinson

President and CEO

Amani Edwards

Co Creator

Marcus Houston 



Jamal Moultrie

Lead Tester

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